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Electronic Relief Valve
Electronic Relief Valve

This product eliminates the need for the messy relief valve that expels hydraulic fluid when the hydraulic actuator encounters a heavy load.


The ERV monitors the energy being consumed by the DC motor of the hydraulic actuator and cuts off power if the motor load becomes too great or if the integrated energy exceeds a preset threshold. The later method of cut-off prevents motor overheating. The ERV is typically part of a control system that includes actuator buttons (Extend and Retract), a motor relay, and a DC power source such as a vehicle battery. The wire supplying current to the motor is fed through the circular torroid on the ERV which concentrates the induced magnetic flux across a hall-effect sensor. The PIC processor monitors the hall voltage which is in direct proportion to the current consumed by the motor. The ERV will open the external motor relay if the load becomes too great. The ERV can accomodate different sized motors from 20 to 100 Amps.

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