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Image Intensifier Controller
Image Intensifier Controller

This product controls the electronic "shutter" of a high digital CCD video camera used primarily for microscopy.


This product incorporates a processor, high speed gate array, and precision D/A. The companion Windows based interface allows the user to control the Image Intensifier Gate, Gain, and Gate Delay. The Gate (shutter duration) can vary from 20nS to 1mS and can be delayed from an external trigger input (Gate Delay) which can vary from 0uS to 2mS in increments of 20nS. The Intensifer Gain can be set between 2500 and 80,000 foot-lamberts-per-foot-candle to equate to a 0V to 5V output.

For more information or to purchase this product contact www.VideoScopeIntl.com.

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