Outsource Engineering Services
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Outsource Engineering Services

As business becomes more competitive and engineering development becomes more project-oriented, it's important to focus on your core-competencies. In this environment outsourcing has many advantages.

  • Outsourcing is often easier than in-house development
  • Turn-key development and manufacturing but you still own the design
  • Avoid capital expenditures
  • Lower operating and overhead costs
  • Reduce time to market
  • Free-up valuable personnel resources
  • Take advantage of advanced technology
  • Concentrate on your core business
  • Stay competitive
In addition to getting "the right man for the job" you can often cut costs by reducing or eliminating the need for engineering staff. Outsourcing is not the solution for every project; but you might want to consider outsourcing if...

  • You need expertise in a specific area of technology
  • Your existing staff is overloaded and deadlines may be in jeopardy
  • You are a small company who needs an electrical engineer or team of engineers but can't afford to hire them full-time
  • You want to investigate the feasibility of an idea. We can perform a study which outlines the development costs, recurring costs, and manufacturing costs so that you can make an informed decision whether to pursue the idea further

By using an outside engineering contractor, you save on overhead, office space, and equipment resources, thus providing substantially lower development costs. This frees you to pursue your business interests without having to worry about development efforts.

At HED we do more than just design your products; we can also manufacture them for you. We are dedicated to long-term support for all of our customer's products.

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