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ANI Decoder, Display Unit
ANI Decoder, Display Unit

This product resides on the desk of the radio dispatcher for police, fire, or public or private utilities and displays a four-digit numeric ID of the person talking on the two way radio system. It is used to uniquely identify each radio transmitter in the customers fleet of vehicles or hand-held walkie talkies.


The ID1201 decoder processes the Motorola MDC1200 digital data burst that accompanies the audio of the transceiver. A PIC processor is used to decode the data stream and display the result on the four digit LED display. The ID1201 also includes a Xilinx gate array to aid in data decoding. The transceiver ID can also be sent to an optional printer or serial port. The ID1201 contains an embedded real-time clock so that the ID can be time and date stamped for printing.

For more information or to purchase this product, please visit www.controlsignal.com.

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