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Radio Informer
Radio Informer

This product helps real estate agents sell homes. The agent can record a voice message describing the home for sale and the message is stored into digital memory and is transmitted on the FM band to passing automobile traffic. The interested home buyer tunes his car radio to the frequency posted on the for-sale sign to hear the message.


This product is superior to competitors' products because it replaces the older unreliable tape loop with digital memory. This product digitizes the message using CVSD encoding and stores the data into RAM. A phase lock loop allows for precise setting of transmit frequency (88 to 108 MHz). A microcontroller handles all user input, PLL and CVSD programming, and drives the 4-digit LED display. The RF power output is kept low to allow FCC classification as an unlicensed transmitter. DC Power is supplied by a Wall Cube whose power lead serves as the transmit antenna.

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