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Control Interface Adapter
Control Interface Adapter

The Control Interface Adapter is used in conjunction with the External RF Controller shown above. The "CIA" is used as the physical interface to control legacy military radio equipment in real time.


The CIA employs an embedded controller system similar to the External RF Controller. It features a wide variety of I/O to communicate with current and future equipment including RS232, RS485, Ethernet, TTL I/O, Open collector drivers, and "FLEX I/O". The FLEX I/O is a custom programmable I/O signal that can swing between any logic high and low voltages between -30 and +30 VDC. The design also includes a reconfigurable FPGA to accomodate the interface to future equipment. The embedded software and gate array configurations are fully downloadable via the Ethernet bus. The design is expandable and includes an interface to an optional daughter-card that can house any circuitry necessary to support future interfaces that can not be supported with the current suite of on-board I/O. The CIA can be powered from AC mains or from 10-32VDC using an external power supply.

Embedded PCI Controller Telephone Monitor

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