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Embedded PCI Controller
Embedded PCI Controller

This embedded PCI controller was designed and manufactured for Motorola SSTG. It allows their new line of military radio transceivers to control peripheral equipment in real time using either a 10/100 Base T or Fiber Optic Ethernet link.


The External RF Controller is a PMC (PCI Mezzanine Card) design that communicates with the radio transceiver via a PCI bus. It includes a PCI bridge IC, a MPC860T PowerPC processor, 8 MBytes of Flash, 16 MBytes of SDRAM, serial EEPROM, a custom FPGA, and copper or fiber optic Ethernet interfaces. In addition to passing Ethernet messages between the host controller and external peripherals, this product can format and transmit an Ethernet message in response to a changing discrete signal faster than any product currently on the market. The embedded software and gate array configuration are fully downloadable via the PCI bus. This product is manufactured by HED in high volumes for Motorola.

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