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Custom PCI Data Acquisition Board
Custom PCI Data Acquisition Board

This product was developed for a medical instrumentation company specializing in urology. It upgrades their older ISA based data acquisition board to a fully plug-n-play compatible PCI based design. This board collects data from the clients “patient unit” for display and analysis on a PC.


This data acquisition board features 16 channels of analog input, each with programmable gain and offset. An analog output plus a digital data port and a one-shot output are used to interface with the customers external Uropump. In addition to I/O circuitry this design includes a 68HC908 processor, a PCI interface chip, and a custom CLPD design. On-board test signal generators and an audio monitoring port aid in system installation and calibration, and a 32K FIFO ensures continuous data transfer over the PCI bus. HED wrote a custom Windows device driver and INF file conforming to WDF (Windows Driver Model) standards. HED also supplied a custom Windows GUI to aid in product testing and evaluation.

For more information please contact www.life-tech.com.

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