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Generator Selftest Verifier - GSV200
Generator Selftest Verifier

This product is mounted to a generator control panel where it continuously monitors the three phase generator output to determine whether the stand-by generator successfully performed its periodic auto-start self test. If the generator failed to start in the prescribed interval an audible alarm is sounded and accompanying relay is closed. The internal relay may be connected to a remote monitoring system to alert maintenance personnel of the generator fault condition.


An embedded microcontroller samples the analog voltage output from the generator and in addition to the generator start/no-start condition it also serves as an undervoltage/overvoltage detector. The self test interval is jumper programmable for 8/15/22/32 days and the expected generator output is programmable for single phase or three phase systems ranging between 120-480 VAC.

This product is currently manufactured by HED in high volume for Transtar Products, Inc.

For more information or to purchase this product contact www.GeneratorVerifier.com.

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