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Phase Identification System
Phase Identification System

This product was designed for the electric utility industry. It allows them to determine the phase (A, B or C) of an unknown overhead or underground conductor in a three phase system. It is comprised of three units; The Reference Unit, the Field Unit, and the Hotstick. The Reference Unit gets installed (typically at a substation) on a known-phase conductor (typically phase A). The Field Unit is the yellow suitcase shown above and it is taken into the field where the utility lineman touches the companion Hotstick unit to an unknown conductor. The Hotstick sends wireless information to the Field Unit which in turn communicates with the Reference Unit to display the phase of the probed conductor.


The Field and Reference Units both contain GPS receivers which are used to measure the exact time between the zero-crossings of the AC voltage waveform. The Reference Unit is connected on a known-phase waveform and it is compared against the unknown-phase waveform probed by the Hotstick. The Field and Reference Units employ cellular and landline modems respectively to exchange the timing information. The system can display which phase (A, B or C) is being probed and also the phase angle information (in degrees) on an LCD screen on the Field Unit. For safety considerations, the Hotstick is an inherently "ungrounded" system where the electrical path is completed to earth ground via the tiny capacitance which exists between the Hotstick enclosure and the earth. The Hotstick contains microprocessor based auto-ranging circuity which allows direct contact with voltages from 120V to 365kV.

For more information or to purchase this product contact EDM International, Inc.

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